As one of the most important actors in the sector, Daimon continues to serve the import, export and transit customs consultancy services with its experienced and innovative staff, each of whom is expert in their field. We are constantly striving to improve our experience of more than 25 years with innovations and technological investments. Customs Automation and e-invoicing systems integrated with our structure, we are finalizing all the operations across Turkey in an extremely short period of time. Our customers can easily access their documents related to customs procedures after they are archived in digital environment and they can access the Internet via web archive system with a password given to them. Let us to be your foreign trade department!

• By contacting our Legislation Advisor, G.T.I.P. (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) number determination and feasibility study,
• Item sample and catalog review,
• Registration of companies in all Foreign Trade and customs related official institutions, providing documents and reports required by Foreign Trade Institutions as a result of coordinated work with our experts,
• Selection of duty-paid and free warehouses at the most optimal price and service quality affecting direct costs required in storage processes
• Completion of customs declaration registration and closing procedures,
• Fixing the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or failure and informing the relevant units,
• Monitoring of authorization and approval procedures in TSE, DTS, Customs Laboratory, Food and Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Directorates and all state institutions,
• Single Window System (TPS), which can be made within the scope of the Communiqué no. 2006/12, receipt of Inward Processing Licenses, Iris Inspections, follow-up and finalization of Registration Certificate of permission / approval procedures,
• Cost notification to your company by calculating Customs Duties and other costs, payment of the letter of guarantee or all taxes and other charges to the relevant institutions and organizations on the Internet,
• Delivery of goods whose customs clearance is completed to the address specified in the instructions given by you,
• Delivery of documents to you with paperwork submission form.

• Conducting feasibility studies related to the goods to be exported,
• Performing all registration transactions according to the type of goods, including the membership of the Exporter Unions,
• Draw up the export invoice,
• Customs declaration arrangement and monitoring of customs procedures,
• Monitoring of authorization and approval procedures in TSE, DTS, Customs Laboratory, Food and Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Directorates and all state institutions,
• Arrangement of documents such as ATR, EUR1, Certificate of Origin and Chamber of Commerce and governor approvals, consular approval procedures by country location,
• Delivery of the declarations and documents that the customs procedures are ending to the carrier company,
• Follow up of export transactions and durations within the scope of Inward Processing Regime,
• Completion and duration follow-up of the Temporary Export operations
• Closing of Customs Declarations and archiving them electronically and delivery to our customers,
• Following and finalizing the return transactions of all deposit and guarantee letters paid during the Customs Transactions process.


Our consultancy services, which we collect generally in two main headings such as individual and corporate, include strategic planning and all the support, including the ways and methods that enable individuals and corporates to reach their needs, expectations, targets and visions. "United we stand united we are stronger." With this logic, we are giving shoulder to your load with experienced professionals in our team, we help you find your way through the labyrinths where you are on your way or disappear while you are on the road.[/vc_column_text]

1-Design Support : Design is one of the first steps of developed countries they care about in the way of branding. Organizations and events performed on design are among the most prominent activities worldwide. Design is again one of the most important elements of competition among countries and companies of global scale. The Ministry of Economy and KOSGEB have support in many areas in this regard. We provide guidance to entrepreneurs and companies on these issues.
2-Investment Incentive : In order to increase your production capacity, to expand or renew your machine park within the General Incentive System, to benefit from investment incentives, provided that the minimum fixed investment amount is One Million Turkish Lira, you can benefit from the VAT exemption for the Domestic Machinery and its parts from the investment incentive elements, ie the Customs Duty Exemption VAT exemption related to the imported machinery and parts you will make.
3-Research - Development (R & D) Assistance : Pursuant to the "Communiqué on Research and Development (R & D) Assistance No. 98/10" of the Money and Coordination Board, this is to cover the expenses related to the "Strategic Focus Issues Project" carried out by the organizations as grants by roviding capital support to research and development projects of industrial enterprises.
4-Export Support - Inward Processing License : In order to benefit from Export Support, you must be a manufacturer-exporter, that are required to have a capacity report and to improve your export you can receive the INWARD PROCESSING AUTHORIZATION CERTIFICATE. Inward Processing Authorization Certificate is the document issued with the aim of encouraging the exportation of the products which are imported from abroad or obtained from the country in tax exemption to be used to obtain the processed product that its issuance has been committed. Project consultancy and management of all the processes of these applications are carried out by us and our expert staff.
5-Outward Processing Authorization Certificate : Companies with production facilities abroad, whether all the intermediate inputs and raw materials supplied from Turkey after shipment to overseas production facility, the production is carried out abroad. In the return of finished or semi-finished goods, taxation is done just on labor costs. In this regard, consultancy and management of the entire project is carried out by our expert staff.
6-Freight Support to Exporters : Especially to encourage export to some regions, in accordance with the Communiqué on the return of a certain part of the freight charges to the exporter came up with the recent legislative changes, follow-up and finalization of return transactions are carried out by our expert staff.
7-Other Services : All necessary permission and compliance documents to be obtained from all official institutions, follow-up processes can be done both in Ankara and in all cities.

B-AUDIT The most important factor for the management units of the enterprises is to be able to manage the processes correctly in order to be able to analyze the risks that are formed and which are likely to occur and make the most optimal decisions. How are you really making the right decisions in these processes? Which is the correct way and method? How can the process be overcome with minimal damage? If you're curious about the answers to these questions, please check out the audit topics we can support you.

CUSTOMS AND FOREIGN TRADE AUDITING With the purpose of our work to review and supervise the compliance of foreign trade companies with the foreign trade and customs legislation in force and to evaluate the adequacy of the control mechanism of the companies, we minimize both business processes and costs of the companies and also we eliminate or minimize any criminal risks, particularly the smuggling legislation. Especially, due to the fact that the companies having OKSB (Certified Person Status Certificate) and YYS (Authorized Responsible Status) are not inspected during customs procedures, the smallest mistakes or the small mistakes that are supposed to be small may put them in big trouble. Therefore, they should be more sensitive. We do all of these works with experienced and knowledgeable customs consultants, financial advisers and legal advisers who have worked for many years in both public and private sectors. Within the scope of ”post-check“ both for companies engaged in simplified procedures and within the scope of routine inspections of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, the state will ring your door one day sooner or later. Are we ready for these processes? What are our shortcomings? What are we doing wrong? What are the measures to be taken against risks? We are ready to offer you the answers to all these questions with 25 years of experience.


We contribute to individual and corporate development with our content that is sufficient to meet the individual and corporate needs and expectations of our training.

All trainings are offered by experienced trainers and experienced professionals and they are organized to identifying and eliminating the problems created and experienced by high school students from university to new graduates, company CEOs, employers to bosses in short, the detection and elimination of the problems that are created and experienced by everyone, without knowing or unaware, to identify the factors that affect the flow of life, but do not see it as a problem, to take a step towards happiness and success, and to achieve social happiness and success at the end.

On request, trainings can be organized with the format and content specific to the individual or corporate and one-to-one presentations can be made.

Please contact the following e-mail for training details!





Daimon Gümrük Müşavirliği continues to be our business partner that we trust in importing our wide range of products within a wide range of countries from the various countries of the world fast, trouble-free and within the rules. Thank you.

Hitachi Europe Turkey - Finance Director

From the moment we start working with your esteemed company, we are very satisfied with the customs clearance and consultancy services you have provided to our company. We wish you continued success with the hope that our cooperation will continue in the coming years with the same speed and understanding.

KOM Mayo

You’re always with us like our department! Our Customs and Foreign Trade operations have been simplified, accelerated and cheaper with your support. Thank you.

İşkaya İnşaat - Foreign Trade Director

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