About Us

Who Are We?
We were established in 1992 to provide International Transport and Customs Services. In order to provide customs consultancy services in 1998, we became a different legal entity according to the legislation. In 2001, we started to provide Supply Chain Management Consultancy and Training Services. In 2017, we transform our legal personality into Inc., a more corporate structure and continue our services. We have a total of 50 people in the field and in the office. We are a team of 100 with our subcontractor employees. Our head office is located in Istanbul, and we have contact offices in Izmir, Mersin and Bursa. We have Offices in all Customs in Istanbul. We can provide services in all customs of Turkey. We also offer services abroad according to the nature of your project. We are at your service with our Specialized Customer representatives. We provide service with 4 Customs Brokers, 9 Customs Broker Assistants and 22 Consultant Assistant Intern.

Our Values!
* We give importance and value to the information and expertise based on experience.
* With the logic that the individuals forward companies, companies sectors and sectors all the economy and countries, we attach great importance and value to education.
* We believe that the synergy created by coordination and communication will lead to success.
* Principles, culture and style are important. For this reason, we believe that creating the style and culture of each individual and corporate and having its principles will contribute to success.
* We believe that it is one of the keys to success to focus on innovation and sustainable achievements and to set goals according to this.
* With the logic of uncontrolled power is not a power, we believe that periodic audits improve and develop the successes of the analysis while continuing on the way.